Meet the Techs!


Rick - Senior Technician
  • Repair technician for 35+ years
  • Lead tech for professional oboe, bassoon, clarnet and flute overhauls and restorations
  • Straubinger pad certified technician
  • Apprenticed/had formal training in woodwind, brasswind, string instrument, guitar, piano and harpsichord repairs and restoration. Read More...
  Brandon - Woodwind Technician
  • Repair technician since 2007.
  • Worked at Amro Music in Memphis, TN "One of the largest music stores in North America".
  • Specializes in student to professional level saxophones including overhauls and restorations.
  • Professional Member of NAPBIRT and attended OSHA training. Read More...
  David - Brass Technician
  • Boomer Music Company's shop manager
  • Worked at S.E. Shires in the assembly department.
  • Repair technician since 2006.
  • Lead tech for brass of all levels.
  • Manufactures custom-made parts.
Brad   Brad - Orchestra / Fretted Technician
  • Boomer Music Company's string shop manager
  • Repair tech. since 2011
  • 20 years professional performance experience on guitar/bass
  • Certifications pending
  Reid - Woodwind Technician
  • Repair tech at The Repair Shop since 1996
  • Member of NAPBIRT
Angela   Angela - Woodwind/Brass Technician
  • Repair technician since 2014
  • Member of NAPBIRT
  • Brass and woodwind technician
  •
  Tom - Woodwind/Brass Technician
  • Graduated from Renton Technical College in 2016 with a certification in Band Instrument and Guitar Repair.
  • Repair technician since 2016.
  • Active member of NAPBIRT.
  • Plays guitar and is involved in the Northern Colorado music scene.
  Brian - Apprentice Brass Technician
  • Trombone performance major from Central Washington University
  • Worked for Ted Brown Music Company as a Band Instrument Repair Technician
  • Member of NAPBIRT.
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