General Information

We rent student model band and orchestra instruments and guitars on a month-by-month basis for long term commitments. This rental agreement comes with the option to buy with 100% of your rental cost going towards the purchase of the instrument for the first three months and 90% thereafter.


Our rental instruments are not insured through the store for loss, theft or irreparable damage and the renter will be liable to Boomer Music Company for the full price of the instrument should any of the above occur. We do provide an optional maintenance program that will cover repairs on normal wear and tear that is not due to abuse or neglect.

Equity Transfers

With our rental program, you may switch, up-size or upgrade the instrument that you rent with us to another band or orchestra instrument (keyboards, drumsets & guitars do not qualify). With our program a portion of the accumulated equity may apply towards the new instrument. Our equity transfers can only take place on the day that the current rented instrument is returned. Read our full equity transfer policy here.

Instrument Returns

A rented instrument may be returned at any time during the rental period. If returned in the middle of a rental period any portion of a month used will count as a full month rental. There is no prorated refund for instruments returned in the middle of a rental period. If on return the instrument is found to be in need of service (beyond normal wear and tear) or is missing any parts or accessories that were included with the original rental (not including reeds), the renter will be charged for such damage and/or missing equipment.