Week Long Rentals


General Information

We rent student model band and orchestra instruments, guitars and some keyboards for a single week for short term commitments (such as gigs or during instrument repair). This short term rental does not permit the renewal of the rental after one week. If the instrument is needed for longer, the renter needs to come in to the store to complete a month-by-month rental contract, with our long-term rental costs. The prices for a week rental vary depending on the instrument.


Our rental instruments are not insured through the store for loss, theft or irreparable damage and the renter will be liable to Boomer Music Company for the full price of the instrument should any of the above occur.

Instrument Returns

The instrument may be returned at any point during the week, but will be billed for the full week regardless of when the instrument is returned. If the instrument is not returned in the same condition that it was checked out in, the renter will be charged for the damages. If the instrument is never returned, the renter will be charged for the full amount of the rented instrument.


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